‘I’m a Urologist, and These Are the Most Common Questions I Hear About Bladder Health

Your bladder is probably the last thing on your mind when thinking about how to improve your overall health and well-being. Heart health? Yes. Brain health? Of course. Gut health? Check and check. But the bladder often doesn’t get enough credit (or attention).

However, anyone who has ever encountered bladder issues before knows that this particular organ has a huge impact on your quality of life. A malfunctioning bladder can make it harder to go places or travel for long distances, and can make day-to-day life uncomfortable. (Unless you particularly like spending lots of time in the bathroom.)

To better understand this organ, we talked to some urologists to answer some of the most common questions they get about bladder health. They offer up tons of bladder facts that will help you gain a new appreciation for your urinary tract—and hopefully know how to better take care of it. It might not be your number one favorite organ…but it still deserves your attention.

Read More: https://attngrace.medium.com/im-a-urologist-and-these-are-the-most-common-questions-i-hear-about-bladder-health-9e8cc2dfde5a

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