Urinary incontinence is a loss of bladder control that rеѕultѕ in an inability to hоld уоur urinе until уоu get tо thе toilet. Symptoms can from mild leaking (dribblеѕ) to unсоntrоllаblе wеtting. Loss оf blаddеr соntrоl саn bе a fruѕtrаting аnd еmbаrrаѕѕing рrоblеm, but it iѕ imроrtаnt to knоw thаt it саn bе trеаtеd аndContinue reading “CHECK-LIST FOR ELDERLY INСОNTINЕNСЕ CARE”

How to Reduce Stress Incontinence with Kegel Exercises

Loss of urine can occur in people of any age, and the quantity of urine loss can vary greatly. These symptoms can have one or more of several causes, so the best way to start is by visiting your doctor if the problem persists. Only he or she can determine what the best solution isContinue reading “How to Reduce Stress Incontinence with Kegel Exercises”

Get Ready for Your Next Telehealth Appointment with Urologist?

During this post covid era telehealth has played a massive role in people’s lives, we all started understanding the potentials of virtual health care, and Its increasing demand. Earlier when for any health-related issues visiting a doctor’s clinic is inescapable whereas now we have options to avoid those long queues of a doctor’s clinic andContinue reading “Get Ready for Your Next Telehealth Appointment with Urologist?”

Assessment And Treatment For Bladder Irregularity

According to Roger Goldberg, the M.D. director of urogynecology research at the University of Chicago NorthShore University Health System, “an uneventful pregnancy and delivery change the urinary control in women by up to 50 per cent. That being said, women who deliver vaginally are more likely to experience bladder leakage one year postpartum. Bladder incontinenceContinue reading “Assessment And Treatment For Bladder Irregularity”

Stay Mindful While Menopause

Women all over the world go through menopause, but not all of them are aware of what all it entails until it happens to them. To avoid the suddenness of symptoms and educate you about bladder leakage, we have a blog on the matters of the bladder. Are you afraid that laughing too hard, coughing, orContinue reading “Stay Mindful While Menopause”

Ask The Expert About Your Incontinence

Millions of Americans live with incontinence. If you’re one amongst them, it’s such as you are a lady over 50 or a mother of one or two. But young men and ladies also can suffer from this issue. No matter your age or gender, not having the ability to regulate your leakage is often frustratingContinue reading “Ask The Expert About Your Incontinence”

Self Care While Stressful Incontinence

What is stress incontinence? Stress Incontinence is when the urine comes out and rushes over the bladder and urethra with sudden compulsion, causing the sphincter to open briefly. Mild stress urinary incontinence (SUI) may result from activities: like exercise, sneezing, or coughing. If your SUI is more serious, it’s going to also dribble in less aggressive activitiesContinue reading “Self Care While Stressful Incontinence”

Don’t let the unpredictable incontinence hold you back

You cannot function properly if you’re worried about the flow of urine and odour, so confirm you’ve got the proper incontinence briefs to use for your needs, and you’ll get obviate those worries now. Then you see there’s no got to crop on fun activities like going to the films, happening outings with family or playing golfContinue reading “Don’t let the unpredictable incontinence hold you back”

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