Medical professionals use the term urinary incontinence to describe pee leakage symptoms that is not done intentionally. While both men and women are susceptible, it is more prevalent among women. One study found a link between male incontinence and conditions like prostate cancer surgery or radiation and illnesses like benign prostatic hyperplasia and impairment toContinue reading “INCONTINENCE PADS: A USER’S GUIDE TO THE BASICS”

Incontinence Pad: The Solution For Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence pads are used by the one who is facing urinary incontinence issues. Urinary incontinence is a medical term related to the symptoms of accidental urine loss. This disease condition is found more in women than men though it affects both genders. Several illnesses have been linked to the development of incontinence in males, includingContinue reading “Incontinence Pad: The Solution For Urinary Incontinence”


Urinary incontinence can happen to ladies at whatever stage in life, yet is generally normal in elder ladies. The course of treatment, be it careful or nonsurgical, depends on the sort of incontinence you have and the seriousness of your side effects. The most well-known sorts of urinary incontinence are pressure incontinence (a condition whereinContinue reading “NONSURGICAL TREATMENT FOR FEMALE INCONTINENCE¬†“

Attn Grace : An Introduction About One of the Best Women Wellness Brand

A Society in Need of Change As young women, we were muses. Beauty and wellness aisles called to us with products aimed to woo and delight us. As mothers, we were respected gatekeepers. Brands took our values seriously; catered to our need for convenience; and committed to products that delivered on the wellness of ourContinue reading “Attn Grace : An Introduction About One of the Best Women Wellness Brand”

Happy to be Incontinence free

2 weeks ago, today I had a urethral sling surgery to improve the stress incontinence issue that has plagued my running. For me, this was the result of muscle weakness following the birth of my two children. I tried many non-surgical options prior to making the decision to have the surgery, including Pilates, Physical Therapy,Continue reading “Happy to be Incontinence free”

Styles and Sizes of Incontinence Pads

Using incontinence pads will be able to assist you to avoid preventing bladder blockage as you’re out in people and through the duration of daily. But, selecting the most appropriate sort of pad that’s best for your requirements can be challenging. Most makers of contraceptive products create various sizes, so in addition to different absorbenciesContinue reading “Styles and Sizes of Incontinence Pads”

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