Specialist Spotlight: Kim Vopni

Welcome to our Specialist Spotlight Series. We launched our Resource Library because we wanted women everywhere to know that urinary incontinence is a treatable condition, and for them to be able to explore what specialists and treatments might be right for them. In this series, we highlight some of the incredible specialists within our Specialist Directory, andContinue reading “Specialist Spotlight: Kim Vopni”


Urinary incontinence refers to the symptoms associated with the involuntary leakage of urine. It is an ailment that affects both men and women equally but is more prevalent in females. Incontinence in males has been related to various diseases including prostate enlargement and injury to the continence structure after prostate cancer surgery or radiation. InContinue reading “GUIDANCE ON INCONTINENCE PADS”

Pelvic Floor Therapy and Aging

Pelvic floor disorders occur when one is unable to relax and coordinate the muscles located on your pelvic floor. This can result in symptoms such as constipation, experiencing a frequent need to pee, and having urine or stool leakage. The three main types of pelvic floor disorders are: – Lack of bowel control. – PelvicContinue reading “Pelvic Floor Therapy and Aging”

The History of Kegels

Ok, the kegel. Effectively, the most generally realized ladies’ wellbeing exercise on the planet. (Not an awful standing, taking into account that they’re totally undetectable to the easygoing eyewitness.)Who Is Dr. Kegel?The kegel is named for its designer, Dr. Arnold Kegel, a gynaecologist in the ahead of schedule to mid-twentieth century. Kegel was one ofContinue reading “The History of Kegels”

Busting Common Myths on Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is the inadvertent passing of pee. It’s a typical issue thought to influence a great many individuals.  There are a few sorts of urinary incontinence, including:  •stress incontinence – when pee spills out on occasion when your bladder is feeling the squeeze; for instance, when you hack or snicker. Source

Can sleep apnea lead to sleep apnea depression?

There has been a growing interest in the field of sleep apnea depression. Several studies have shown a link between depression and sleep disorders, including sleep apnea. Research indicates people with insomnia are at a ten times greater risk of becoming depressed than those with more normal sleep patterns. However, the causal relationship between sleep apneaContinue reading “Can sleep apnea lead to sleep apnea depression?”

The Connection Between Mental Health and Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is very common in women nowadays all over the world, and similarly common is the difficulty to talk about it. What people do not understand is that mental health and urinary incontinence are strongly intertwined. Indeed, studies show that 30% of ladies with incontinence will likewise experience the ill effects of depression andContinue reading “The Connection Between Mental Health and Urinary Incontinence”

How to Detect Bladder Cancer by Early Symptoms

Bladder cancer usually goes undetected until the disease has progressed considerably. It is therefore important to be alert and aware so that you can identify the symptoms early and treat the disease in time in order to avoid further complications. Early-stage symptoms are usually very mild. Pain in the bladder, blood in urine, etc. are the initialContinue reading “How to Detect Bladder Cancer by Early Symptoms”

Ways to Overcome the Emotional Impacts of Urinary Incontinence

Fretting about encountering a bout of urine loss and continuously operating right into a negating incident may cause great shame over time and produce anxiety if not depression. Needing To cope with UI and its actual problems may detrimentally influence a lady’s self-assurance, which may avoid her from executing day-to-day actions, or be a partContinue reading “Ways to Overcome the Emotional Impacts of Urinary Incontinence”

Impact of Diabetes on OAB (Over Active Bladder)

Diabetes mellitus all the more generally alluded to as diabetes is a metabolic sickness portrayed by high glucose levels in the body. Diabetes can prompt serious unexpected issues, particularly if glucose levels are left uncontrolled. In any case, a huge, yet lesser-realized truth is that it can add to urological issues, like incontinence—the deficiency ofContinue reading “Impact of Diabetes on OAB (Over Active Bladder)”

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